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Prices of appointments are as follows:

First patient appointment (new patients): $465 including GST - 50 minutes allocated.

Consultant follow-up appointments: $235 including GST - 20 minutes allocated.

Nurse-led follow-up appointments: $175 including GST -20 minutes allocated

Injections $60

Be aware that potential additional costs may arise as part of the management of your condition.

Blood tests do not have any extra cost associated.

Sometimes additional investigations are required. They are not routinely done, but may be necessary to clarify diagnosis, to rule out other conditions, or for monitoring purposes (eg X-rays of the hands and feet every 2-3 years in rheumatoid arthritis). Sometimes a chest x-ray is needed before commencing certain medications.

These will incur additional costs from the relevant providers. The costs are usually covered by the insurance company for patients with medical insurance. 

Most often when additional investigations are required, this will involve radiological investigations (X-rays, ultrasound, CT scans or MRI scans). These are done at Nelson Radiology.

Examples of radiology test costs include:

X-ray of hands and feet - $300

Chest X-ray - $170

Lumbar spine X-ray - $180

Sacroiliac joint X-ray - $180

CT scan of chest - $800

MRI lumbar spine - $1900

MRI sacroiliac joints - $1800

MRI cervical spine - $1900

Less commonly cardiology or respiratory investigations may be needed. These may include ECG's, echocardiograms or lung function tests. 

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